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TD Bank

These ATMs Will

Grow on You.

One Million Trees. And a few
"A-Tree-Ms" too.

TD partnered with MillionTreesNYC, a nonprofit dedicated to urban reforestation, to help plant one million trees in New York City. So to make sure New Yorkers truly understood what a greener city could look and feel like, we invented the first-ever "A-Tree-M." These installations, throughout Manhattan, used real trees, moss, and live plants to create a surreal green, oasis-like experience in the Bank’s ATM vestibules. We even piped in the sounds of gentle breezes and chirping birds to give the concrete jungle a taste of the real thing. As a finishing touch, the "A-Tree-Ms" encouraged users to go paperless when given the option to print or view their receipt. This citywide installation went viral through tweets and shares with #tdforests. The end result was a whole lot of excitement and an ATM experience New Yorkers will never forget. With nearly half a million social media impressions, we really helped TD Bank and MillionTreesNYC’s mission take root.

"A-Tree-M" Campaign Reel