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TD Bank

Creating Art

for Trees.

Inspired by Nature, for Nature.

In TD Bank’s ongoing commitment to urban reforestation, they’re always looking for new ways for us to bring their movement to life. So we created “Art for Trees,” a citywide art gallery experience. First, we partnered with an art curator, then we commissioned 10 environmentally focused artists to create 10 unique works of art - each inspired by a vision of a greener city. Large-scale reproductions filled the windows of over 120 TD Banks throughout New York’s five boroughs. We created an online gallery where viewers could see the art, watch videos of the artists, and read more about TD’s environmental commitment. We used social media to drive New Yorkers to their neighborhood bank to see the window displays and get limited-edition prints. Pop-up galleries featuring the original pieces bloomed overnight at Grand Central Station, the famed Waldorf Astoria Hotel, and the first-ever outdoor exhibit at the High Line. Finally, the art was set for an online auction, and all the proceeds benefited five environmental nonprofits to help create a greener future and a more colorful New York City.

Art For Trees

Art For Trees - Clara Fialho

Art For Trees - Dustin Yellin

Art For Trees - Ivan Stojakovic

Art For Trees Campaign Reel