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July 25, 2016

Running Full Team Ahead

The 2016 election season. Time for Philly to host a historic DNC. But at Tierney, we know the presidential race is no spectator sport. So we set out to remind the locals what it’s really about — the American people.

How? We launched a campaign of our own. One aimed at helping those in Philadelphia who need help the most — our city’s homeless.
Enter Run DNC, a non-partisan project aimed at getting Philadelphia’s homeless population up and running toward a life off the streets.

We elected local sneaker artist, Elom Bowman of Ecentrik Artistry, to create a one-run-only line of sneakers, each inspired by Philly’s iconic history. No political stand (that's why each pair has a left and a right) just sales benefitting a local nonprofit, Back on My Feet, who use running to help Philly’s homeless actively shape their own destiny.

After all, we live in a place where everybody deserves the chance to achieve a better life. And sometimes we just need a helping hand to do it. Or in this case, two feet and some solid ground to stand on. A little good press doesn’t hurt either.

"Local Artist Creates DNC-Inspired Sneakers You’ll Actually Want to Buy (No, Seriously)" —

"The 2016 Democratic National Convention is not the sort of place you'd expect to see any impressive footwear. Unless, that is, you're talking about this collection..." — Sole Collector

"Inspired by the Democratic National Convention taking place in Philadelphia this week, Tierney, a local Philly ad agency, is highlighting the city’s history, culture and community all while giving back to those who make it great." — SLAM Magazine

See the project for yourself at